Memory Bank - The Goofy Edition

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Memory Bank - The Goofy Edition

The new edition of Memory bank turns Kirra into a left, for goofy footers or for those that miss Indonesia, it's amazing how much Kirra actually looks like Desert Point.

Memory Bank was filmed over two consecutive days on the 4th & 5th of July 2021 at the famous Kirra Point when it came alive in a momentous swell that many are calling the best waves in a generation or more.

The film is set to a never-ending piece of mesmerizing music by Sydney’s psychedelic space rock outfit Comacozer that spans 39 minutes.

This is Justin Gane’s first release since 2004 & the debut episode for the new Pulse Sessions Series. Justin captured the action from dawn to dusk and features anyone that was lucky enough to get a good wave while the camera was rolling.

Memory Bank was edited in the same sequence as it took place giving this film a unique & almost live perspective for the viewer knowing their watching it as it transpired.

So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride in this mind bending barrel-fest you're sure to remember.

  • Digital copy of the film Memory Bank.

  • Size
    3.62 GB
  • Duration
    39 minutes
  • Resolution
  • Digital copy of the film Memory Bank.
  • Size3.62 GB
  • Duration39 minutes
  • Resolution1080p
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Memory Bank - The Goofy Edition

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